I’m Mark Steadman, a professional full-stack web developer from Birmingham, with a love for Django.
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I am Steadman

I'm a full-stack developer with 15 years experience developing for the web, and an avid Django developer since 2008.

I've built MVPs for startups, large and complex systems for the UK primary education sector, content management systems and social networks in Django.

I formed Nymbol in 2011 and built it from a prototype to a large-scale mobile CMS that lists nationally-recognised libraries, museums, art galleries and heritage organisations as its clients. Every piece of code inside Nymbol - from the HTML to the Python in the Django app, and many of the reusable apps it relies upon - was written by me.

I also run a podcasting network called Poddle, which is built with Django and hosted via Heroku.

I also work daily with Sass, LESS, HTML5 and jQuery, write microservices in Flask, and build websites and plugins using WordPress.

I work for Substrakt in Birmingham, a passionate digital studio which focuses on user-experience.