Including iPad-specific resources in an Appcelerator app

Exactly what it says in the title

I'm building an app with Appcelerator Titanium that will run on iPhone, iPad and Android. With Titanium it's quite easy to distribute iPhone- and Android-specific images - custom map pins, native-looking icons, that sort of thing - but I've only now just figured out how to distribute iPad-specific images aswell. So for anyone else who's struggling, here's how you do it. (I found the answer through a ticket raised on the Titanium issue tracker).

Rename your iPad images so that the text ~ipad appears just before the file extension (so mapmarker.png becomes mapmarker~ipad.png, and [email protected] becomes [email protected]~ipad.png), then place them in the Resources/iphone directory. For clarity, it's a tilde (~) symbol, hot a hyphen (-).

This is inline with the iOS guidelines, but slightly at odds with the (incorrect but understandable) assumption that you'd put iPad-specific images in a directory called Resources/ipad.