Meet Aster, Bluebell, Clover and Dahlia

Continuing my DigitalOcean adventure

In May I wrote about finally "doing Django right", but the missing piece was revealed to me by my Substrakt colleague Max Woolf, who clued me into usingĀ Ansible for development, provisioning and deployment.

With this in mind I decided to rejig my setup a little, and move all of my major projects onto their own servers. So now, I have

  • Aster, where this blog lives
  • Bluebell, which is on Sentry duty
  • Clover, which hosts Poddle
  • Dahlia, where My Next Hack can be found

For the moment this has meant that a couple of projects are homeless:

  • What's My Lat-Lon - This could be hosted anywhere, I just haven't felt a burning need to get it up onto Aster yet
  • Quickdraw - This was a fun project, but basically only inhabited by spammers and something I might roll into Poddle

Digital Ocean lets me scale things up and down as I need to, and now due to this product-led setup I've got a good handle on what resources are being used where.

It's not everyone's ideal setup, as many would prefer to keep code, database and media separate, but for the moment I like this neat approach to devops.

You'll probably have noticed that all my servers are named after flowers. I like to stick to a naming convention when creating a server setup, and these names are pretty. When I was with Bytemark I was using cheese names, because I'm a silly person, and when I used Amazon they were named after characters from Stieg Larsson's Millennium trilogy.

Poddle will at some point outgrow Clover (in space requirements if nothing else), but I'm hoping by then, Digital Ocean will have a handle on expandable storage.

So there you go. Clean setup, easy deployment, happy Steadman.