A video catalogue, CMS and sharing platform written in Django

ReelLearning is a video training project for primary school teachers, built by me at Substrakt in Django, using Bootstrap.

Originally a Drupal website, I was asked to rebuild it, first running on a Rackspace Red Hat server, then in 2014 we moved it to Amazon Web Services, using Elastic Beanstalk.

Schools sign up to ReelLearning to provide training for their teachers. While the app doesn't handle the payment side, it does manage all of the account creation, trial signups and user-created content. The catalogue is managed via the Django admin, using the Grappelli skin. Videos uploaded via the site are passed to Amazon S3 and served via CloudFront.

Browse, search and view

This video shows how users can browse the video catalogue and search it (via the Haystack Django app).


This video demonstrates how playlists are created and managed. They can be shared with other members of a school, and also created by ReelLearning staff and shared amongst all of the schools using the platform.


This video shows how users create and manage groups. These can be used to group other users together, such as teachers in a specific year or subject.

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