Hacks, tinkerings, and side-missions

Category Template Sat 24 October 2015

A Pelican plugin for creating category-specific article and listing templates

Telestrap Thu 09 April 2015

Bootstrap for the Teletext generation

Plunja.js Tue 01 July 2014

A JavaScript templating framework

Format-rules Sat 03 May 2014

Syntactical sugar ontop of Markdown for adding extra formatting, expressed in a human-readable way

Droplet Map Thu 23 January 2014

Tracking the top companies taking money through Droplet, and the kinds

Primus Mon 30 September 2013

A WordPress theme

Social Comments Mon 24 June 2013

Let users post comments via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or the old-fashioned way, by specifying their name, email address and website

Buffer for WordPress Wed 01 February 2012

Publish your posts to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn via your Buffer account.

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