Django data provisioner

A tool for generating sample site content quickly, from a YAML file

I need to do a bunch of frontend development for a site I'm working on, and I needed a simple way to generate sample data that is sane.

So, inspired by Ansible I knocked up a data provisioning system as a Django management command, that takes a YAML file defining the data I want to generate.

It can take data from a JSON resource, likt the Random User API, and turn that into User objects with Profile objects attached, to carry things like the profile image, gender, date-of-birth and so on.

It needn't be used to generate users; that's just the first thing I needed it to do. It's intelligently nested, so if you need to create a foreign key relationship, you just nest the two model statements and the management command figures out the relationship.

The same goes for linking models via many-to-many relationships, but in reverse. Here you specify the fieldname you want, and tell the provisioner how many items you want to use, and whether you want to pick the items starting at a row number, or just choose them at random. You can also filter and exclude which items are taken from the database.

It automatically detects file fields and downloads remote images or picks files from the filesystem. It does this intelligently, as it knows which model you're referencing, so looks in that app's directory to find the relevant file.

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